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** Ships via freight on a semi truck in a wooden create to your nearest FedEx hub. 

24-Volt DC Aircraft TUG by Aircraft Tugs LLc 

(Batteries optional, but not included in the $1769 price tag)

Since 1989 or 28 years of lessons learned experience designing and building aircraft ground support equipment for the general aviation and aerospace industry. 

While the name may bring a smile to your face or make you chuckle, this is a very serious machine.

• What you see pictured here is a very powerful brute force heavy duty machine fabricated to a bullet proof welded construction standard engineered to withstand not years but literally decades of abuse. It has been designed with features other tugs may not have.

• Comparable work horse machines of this nature are selling for over $3,000.00

• Pictured here is a fully functional 24-volt direct current Nose-PICKER aircraft tug for nose wheels with or without wheel pants for 500 x 5.0 or 600 x 6.0 tires.

• This PICKER easily handles a 4000 pound aircraft moving backwards uphill into a hangar with “no” chance of the wheel running "over" the rollers.

• We currently have a "dual wheel" option for a total of (4) four drive tires for a serious increase of traction, (add $200 for duals).

• This will ship assembled inside a wooden create with exception of the handle bar, you will have to attach it with one big locking bolt.

• Important, until we are in a full production situation with this Nose-PICKER, we can and we will produce these on a per order basis. This will keep the price down and may bring with it as much as a 4-6 week lead time to ship.

• As I am sure you know by now the bottomed out $1769 retail price is an honest offer to this industry and it's as low as we can possibly go to introduce the beginning of this new line of Nose-PICKER Tugs.

• When production starts to increase the second quarter of 2018 the price is likely to climb as well, you could see numbers as much as 3k the first year.

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