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Aircraft Towing Hitch-Arm Assembly for truck or golf cart


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Please contact us first through calling or preferably emailing us before you order this option. 

If we do not have your option ready to ship, the lead times could be as much as 4-6 weeks. These are considered a special order.

What you will get for this asking price is the Handlebar portion of the PICKER and the Hitch-Arm plus all of the hardware together as one assembly.

You simply slip this on your PICKER axle half, tighen the bolts down good and off your go. This assembly you see here can be an option for any NEW order, or added to any existing PICKER you may have except not for the LSA Sport Picker-3.

This has been in customer demand for some time so we decided to design one and make it available.  This Hitch Arm assembly is great for towing your aircraft slowly across the air field, or to the fuel pumps, or just out of your hangar. This hitch arm can be used on a vehicle car/truck with a flat clevis plate or ball hitch at a normal height or even a golf cart/riding lawnmower with a lower height. 

"CAUTION" Only for pulling the aircraft, NOT for pushing the aircraft in a forward direction. 

This is important so have this information ready when you contact us...!!!

** We need to know the distance to the ground from your hitch plate or ball center...etc. and what type of hitch end you would like.

Desired style...:
* Ring End,  for FBO/A&P airport tug tractors
*Clevis style, typically for golf carts or riding lawn mowers
*Coupler for a 2 inch ball, for cars or trucks
*Coupler for a 1 7/8 inch ball, for cars or tucks (SHOWN IN PIC)

Note: if you have a hitch that is different than what has been described then please let us know, as we can likely fabricate our Hitch Arm accordingly.

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