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8am - 8pm Eastern Time
Dalton Airport, @ 3DA
Flushing, Michigan
Ph: 480-338-7686
26 yrs mfg tugs
& towbars

It's not often a product comes along that re-defines the status-quo, yours do.

Customer support is Un-real..., I email these guys about 7:am on a Sunday morning, expecting maybe a response by Monday pm. Oh no, these guys picked up the phone and called me back with in about an hour. Home run in my book.

Thanks for the help! The Sport Picker 3 fits my RV3 quite well. It is small & simple & after adjusting, it does the job just fine! This RV3A was originally built for WW2 flying ace, Gregory "Pappy" Boyington by renowned builder John Harmon. It has the wing mods completed & has a 160hp 0-320. It loves to do 180mph down the runway & climb out at 4000fpm. It weighs 735 lbs empty & has a 210mph red line in which can easily exceed. Thanks for offering a great product!

Jeff, the PICKER-1 works great on the high performance Extra 300S, and the picture also looks good in your gallery. Thanks for your customer support, I'll be letting others know about this nice PICKER.

Jeff, The fellow in the picture is my son, an A&P mechanic. He likes the construction Quality of the PICKER-1.--VERY RUGGED--. _________________________________________________ Thank you for the pictures you sent me of your Gorgeous Cessna 150 Tail-Dragger. I had my IT guy upload them onto the gallery for others to see.

Hi PICKER team, I wondered myself a little bit, (note: on how to assemble it), the first time using the PICKER, to be honest. So, thank you very much for your details, this straighten things out. I was a in a hurry to assemble the PICKER and never looked at it too close. The funny thing is, it even works very well inverted, (note: the chassis portion being assembled upside down), THIS IS A REALLY BIG PLUS FOR THE PRODUCT. :) So, I thought with the chassis in the "inverted" position it would also be very easy to weld a ring to the handlebar and tow the aircraft behind a vehicle and in doing so, the upside down chassis provides greater clearance to the ground. I will put the PICKER together in its foreseen way on Sunday and let you know how it worked out with some pictures………... :) Thank you, all the best... Mario

Good evening PICKER Team, I am very happy that my Picker arrived in Germany. Now it’s very easy to handle my little Pitts!.... I would like to say thank you for this wonderful product and suggest it to anyone else!!...........Best Regards from Germany, Mario. :)

BABY BUSH PICKER-2B... JUST BUY IT, I HAVE NO REGRETS. These guys got it right, and right from the get-go. They even told me they are coming out with a 3rd wheel extension arm "KIT" that will fit any model and will be an option from then on. It's about time someone stepped up.

RV-7 owner builder here. Face it people, in our honest opinion for towbars, the ability to dial-it-in is everything when it comes to these things. The PICKER’s are one for the books. The Picker-Pins are super cool. Yep, bottom line, it’s a gotta-have item and well-designed too. The name of the owners (Irwin) sound familiar and it seems they have owned another tow bar company in the past, look at their website. Okay here’s the score, I’m a DYI goo-roo too, got my own hangar, fab shop and everything to build an airplane and anything else… so even if you do not make any scrappy errors along the way, you might be able to put it together and save some doe, but to save you some research time, I did some checking for you…, I am telling ya, just buy it. I’m glad I did, it showed up in a few days, done!! It’s real nice looking too. Heck, pickers are even recommended on the Vans Air Force web site from other plane builders. …highly recommend this product above and beyond anyone else’s. -Jake

Works on my 200 Extra. My tail wheel is worn, and I think it is the absolute smallest that the picker would work on. The set screws must be aimed forward on the front Pick and aft on the back Pick, but in this configuration it works very well. I would recommend it. FYI: The patches on my jacket were from my old fighter squadron. 522 TFS (F-111D’s) ""See Joe's gorgeous yellow & blue 200 Extra in our PICKER gallery"

Jeff, we love the PICKER-1, and it works and looks great..., however..., tell your customers that have aircraft similar to a "Scout" that your PICKER works "even Better" when the tail wheel is turned around backwards and is no longer in the typical "trailing" position. Tell them to see the picture of my aircraft that I emailed you and that you have put in your gallery.

You have sold me on the fact that you are willing to build and sell what appears to be custom designs at production prices. More important from what I here, is that people appreciate that you know there are many unique needs out there and you are able to fill those voids on a pretty short notice. ...-Mark

International Cessna 180 & 185 Club...: wagonflyer 1/17/2015 9:19 AM I’ve been using the Baby Bush Picker 2A for my 185 and J3. I called and they were able to accommodate my 14” XP Tailwheel (5.00 x 5) and the solid Maule tailwheel on the J3 on the same tow bar. Ultimately, I like the point of view of pushing and pulling from the tow bar which lets me see both wingtips…vs the tail-pull handles or the fuselage handle on the J3. No power on mine and thus still takes some grunt. I’ve got the big wheels on the tow bar and my ramp to hangar transition is flat so it is not much of a workout. Very satisfied.