Hours of Operation
Mon - Sat
8am - 8pm Eastern Time
Dalton Airport, @ 3DA
Flushing, Michigan
Ph: 480-338-7686
26 yrs mfg tugs
& towbars
   Jeffrey & Wendi Irwin are the co-owners and also the founders of PICKER tugs and towbars. They say it best when they say... "We are just crazy about vintage aircraft".

   Jeffrey - Husband to Wendi, and former Lead Special Tool Engineer for MD-Helicopters in Mesa AZ has been illustrating, designing and modeling geometry into reality since the age of 17.  Jeff, now Director of Design and Manufacturing for PICKER tugs and towbars continues to push himself to new limits of the GSE design world. He has many new tugs and towbar projects in the works and when I sat down with Jeff I got the distinct feeling he's just getting started even though he's been a mechanical systems designer for over 30 years.

   Wendi - Wife to Jeffrey, is a professional of the alumni and graduate from the accredited University of South Carolina, bringing a major in Business to Picker Tugs and towbars.  Wendi holds the company together with her steadfastness ability to manage on a business level. Wendi has strong leadership skills and currently serves as Director of Internal Business Operations locally and beyond our borders.  She has also lead teams of people and managed internal organizations for the General Motors Corp. Wendi also advises the company in business development, public relations, and customer support.