Hours of Operation
Mon - Sat
8am - 8pm Eastern Time
Dalton Airport, @ 3DA
Flushing, Michigan
Ph: 480-338-7686
26 yrs mfg tugs
& towbars
Aerospace -

Aircraft-Tugs LLC, also specializes in Aerospace Designs & Concepts of components and assemblies for FAA Part 23/25/27/29.

Pullins Engineering, specializes in Aerospace Engineering and the FAA DER Production Approval Process for Part 23/25/27/29.

Aircraft-Tugs LLC & Pullins Engineering partnered, combining both disciplines to bring the customer a complete product development package for PMA, TSO & STC. 

General Aviation -

PICKER tugs and towbars - is a family owned aviation product design company headquartered in Flushing Michigan at Flushing's Dalton Airport (3DA).  The company is co-owned and operated by Jeffrey and his wife Wendi Irwin. The company specializes in the systemic engineering, design and manufacturing of aircraft ground support equipment (or GSE). These products are premium built and powder coated quality hangar tools.  They are very proud that they can say the PICKER's are made and manufactured solely in the USA and can be shipped anywhere in the world.  The family members associated with the aviation company cover literally decades of aircraft ground support product design & manufacturing stemming from actual FAA certified commercial and private pilots.

PICKER's - in general greatly aid people in general aviation to move and transport aircraft in and out of hangars and across the air field.  Although they are relatively new and also a re-developed company; the growing fleet of quality GSE products is 100% family based and very rich with generations and decades of Aviation Heritage dating back to the early 60's.

INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE - Think of it like this... The tow bar fits all of the sometimes tricky Van's RV tail draggers and J3-Cubs thru Stearman's, that's a lot of aircraft. Picker's are a rugged built, powder coated tail dragger tow bar made with heavy duty materials and hardware.  A very unique and new feature in the market of our design truly enables the pilot or ground crew to literally make an “infinite” number of ever so slight adjustments to ensure a perfect fit “every” time for a  wide multitude of aircraft with tail wheels.

DIAL-IT-IN DESIGN - The PICKER’s can even be quickly dialed-in "by hand using NO tools” most of the time and with a wrench for a more permanent setting. You can even change the “Location” of the tail wheel in the PICKER anywhere from the axle for more leverage or more lift depending on your needs.  Special steel collars are used to dial in the 'WIDTH" of your tail wheel so that it won't flip sideways and fall out.  Understatement: This is very likely one of the simplest most universal tow-bars with wheels on the market.

The Fact is - this new towbar design to date has fit every tail wheel they have tried it on.  Also to date they've had “zero” returns, they have heard from and contacted many customers and they all say they are satisfied. 

You may even get a random call from the owners checking to hear about your experience, they want to make sure you've had a good experience.  They enjoy uploading customer’s pictures onto the website so feel free to email a few pics to us using the PICKER on your aircraft.

Family Ties - The Irwin family engineered and patented the original "Lift Pin" concept  December 10th 1991 and was since revered as "Best Tow Bar Design" multiple times by the "Aviation Consumer". The Irwin's family manufacturing team is well intact and been designing and making tugs and tow bars now for 26 years running, but now the name is PICKER and they're Powder Coated bright yellow.  They can honestly say that more exclusive patent pending uniquely engineered designs are coming.

PICKER IDENTIFICATION - Product models are usually identified with an aviation/aerospace styled dash number like (-1).  Currently the number one in the -1 design represents the lifting Picker-Pins being located on (((1 side))) of the tow bar, the -2 design represents lifting Picker-Pins located on ((( 2 sides ))) of the towbar. As usual, the Irwin family tradition has been confirmed again as their PICKER products sell very well and stand very tall against current competitors when it comes to price, user options, adaptability, performance and overall customer happiness.