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WELCOME - First we want to say welcome, and thank you for taking your time to check us out.  Our IRWIN family has been designing and manufacturing tools like aircraft tugs and towbars for 26 years since 1990, Take some time now and become more familiar with " thee most universal " aircraft tow bar designs in the General Aviation market place today, and that's a "take it to the bank" statement, bar none.

It's a GOOD Thing - When you stop to really think about it…, it’s a good thing that we have options…, because we don’t believe for a minute in the “one tow bar fits all aircraft ” idea because we've been doing this far too long and learned some valuable lessons along the way. 

When we say "UNIVERSAL" - Let us clarify this term that can be misunderstood.  To us the term "universal" means that our unique designs will host a "very" wide range of variables in the size &/or conditions of tail wheels once you select the best and most appropriate PICKER tow bar for your aircraft.  We have considered your ground/turf/surface situations that you have to deal with at your hangar.  Also something to keep in mind and we're not kidding, within the scope of every possible size or tail wheel condition, our PICKER's are "Infinitely Adjustable" to accommodate the customer's needs.  We always say, "Not all hangar's or hangar approaches were created equal ", and they're not.

CUSTOM  Designs - If it comes down to a fact that you are dealing with a unique condition that the available tow bars cannot help you with, we will be available to custom design one for you.  If you like, email us, (jeff.irwin@aircraft-tugs.com), a j-peg image, a digital picture or call us describing you issues.  We will put our heads together and try to come up with a solution.  We have done this in the past.  For as many years as we have been designing tools we know there's always someone out there having a problem and we want to help them. 

The PAST - Like the above mentioned, the #1 historic problem with only one basic manual tow bar style to choose from is that while that towbar may, (or may not), fit the aircraft, it very well may not always fit the user's intent or the surface conditions that it rolls on.  This has become increasingly important now more than ever because many more options are currently available.

Problem SOLVED - To solve that industry dilemma the designers at PICKER tugs and towbars have gone completely out of their way to bring every possible option to the aviation market place.  As a customer this will give you the absolute best chance to purchase the ultimate towing device for your beloved airplane, and we know we have it. 

So please take a moment or two and read through this.  We would rather invest our time & money up front in your choices and selections because serving you a towbar that is ranked the best of the best is what keeps us doing what we love every day.  

Below is an organized way to help you pick the PICKER you want?  This may save you time and possibly money by picking the best PICKER tow bar possible for your tail dragger aircraft. 

SEE The Products - Also be sure to look at the "product page" and read thru our towbar Product descriptions under the list of aircraft towbar products, as this will offer another more focused "per PICKER dose" of information as well. 

  ** If you still have questions after reading through this website please do not hesitate to give us a call. Together we will steer you towards the right PICKER tow bar for your airplane.  We think the time spent now will save you a lot of frustration and money later on.

Things to really consider – aircraft weight, ground or turf and moving multiple aircraft

• Weight of aircraft  -  can determine the “number” of wheels
• Type of ground/turf  -  can determine the “number” of wheels
• Type of ground/turf  -  can determine the “diameter" or size of wheels
• Multiple aircraft to transport  -  can determine the “number” of Picker pins as in: -1 or -2

Common towbar features - PICKER’s with (2) or (4) wheels:

• Length of frame
• Handle bar design
• Overall assembly procedure
• Tail Wheel width “Nesting” area
• Color of durable powder coating
• Load/unload operating procedure
• All hardware - (pins, nuts, bolts etc.)
• Adjustability for different tail wheel diameters

Sport PICKER-3 - only

• Only one small wheel

• Quick disconnect system for a "carry-on" towbar
• Shorter in length for smaller airplanes
• Reduced in size and complexity to keep price undeniably affordable
• Designed small enough & light enough to take with you in the plane
• Designed for “hard, packed, flat & smooth” surfaces, (hard turf, concrete, pavement etc.)

About the aircraft PICKER product naming convention

ONE aircraft in the hangar-

The (-1) in any of the PICKER’s names means that there is only one set, (2 total pins), of "Infinitely Adjustable" Picker-Pins protruding out from only one side of your PICKER to fit your aircraft.  Typically this is more than fine for the hangar with "only" one aircraft inside it.

TWO or more aircraft in the hangar-

The (-2) in any of the PICKER’s names means that there are (2) sets, (4 total pins), of "Infinitely Adjustable" Picker-Pins.  One set of pins protruding out from “both sides” of your PICKER to fit your aircraft.  Typically this works well for the hangar with "more than one" aircraft inside it.  You can set-up the PICKER to handle two completely different tail wheels and never have to change it to the “other setting” every time the “other aircraft" gets moved.  A&P's and FBO's typically favor this design.