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Breaking NEWS !

The 24-Volt DC "Nose Picker's" are coming...

  Some people refer to these types of things as an aircraft tug, airplane tug, picker, dragger, power tow aero tow etc... but you can rest assured that we will always refer to them as the Nose Picker.  You will soon have your chance to own the worlds best tugs and most powerful Nose Picker ever created. It will serve your picking needs for years.  Your friends will want to know where they can get a Nose Picker too. Tell them to do a google search for Picker Tugs and Tow Bars or dial up aircraft-tugs.com and get one ordered.  Yep, we are re-entering the world of power tugs for nose wheel aircraft and we are releasing the first of many powered models. That said, we will eventually have a very small and undeniably affordable tug, a very large and very powerful tug for aircraft like Beechcraft King-Air and alike. So save your money and keep your eyes here because you won't want to miss the release of the 24 Volt NOSE PICKER.


PICK'N - ur - PICKER (quick read)

WELCOME - and thank you for taking time to check us out.  Our IRWIN family has been designing and manufacturing tools, aircraft tugs and towbars for 27 years and we want you to know that we are here for you with as many practical options as you need.

NEW PRODUCTS !!!! (see bottom of product page)

  • Adaptable Hitch-Arm assemblies - for your Car/Truck/Golf Cart/Riding Lawnmower
  • A  full size complete Take-a-Part PICKER for transporting
  • Longer 8-inch BUSH slide pins
  • 12 inch X-Tension for X-Tra long reaches to the tail wheel

Take some time now and look around.

I truly believe after 27 years of wisdom (learning lessons) we have " thee most universal " aircraft tow bar designs for tail dragger's in the General Aviation market place today, and that's a "take it to the bank" statement, bar none.

When we say "UNIVERSAL" - it means that our designs will solve a "very" wide range of variables in the ground turf, size &/or conditions of tail wheels once you select the best and most appropriate PICKER tow bar for your aircraft. 

We always say, "Not all hangar's or hangar approaches were created equal ", and they're not.

Problems in the PAST - Like the above mentioned, the #1 historic problem with only one manual tow bar to choose from is that while that towbar may, (or may not), fit the aircraft, it very well may not always fit the user's intent or the surface conditions that it rolls on.  This has become increasingly important now more than ever because many more options are currently available thru us.

Problem SOLVED - To solve that industry dilemma the designers at PICKER tugs and towbars have gone completely out of their way to bring every possible option to the aviation market place.  As a customer this will give you the absolute best chance to purchase the ultimate towing device for your beloved airplane, and we know we have it.  Even works on a FLAT tail wheel tire.

We would rather invest our time & money up front in your choices and selections because serving you a towbar that is ranked the best of the best is what keeps us doing what we love every day.  

SEE The Products - Also be sure to look at the "product page" and read thru our towbar Product descriptions under the list of aircraft towbar products.

  ** If you still have questions after reading through this website please do not hesitate to EMAIL US. Together we will steer you towards the right PICKER tow bar for your airplane.  We think the time spent now will save you a lot of frustration and money later on.

PICKER product names (-1 or -2)

ONE aircraft in the hangar-

The (-1) in any of the PICKER’s names means that there is only one set, (2 total pins), of "Infinitely Adjustable" Picker-Pins protruding out from only one side of your PICKER to fit your aircraft.  Typically this is more than fine for the hangar with "only" one aircraft inside it.

TWO or more aircraft in the hangar-

The (-2) in any of the PICKER’s names means that there are (2) sets, (4 total pins), of "Infinitely Adjustable" Picker-Pins.  One set of pins protruding out from “both sides” of your PICKER to fit your aircraft.  Typically this works well for the hangar with "more than one" aircraft inside it.  You can set-up the PICKER to handle two completely different tail wheels and never have to change it to the “other setting” every time the “other aircraft" gets moved.  A&P's and FBO's typically favor this design, it's that good.